Stories from the people behind great events

A conference by Tito

September 2018 • Chicago, Illinois

Jessie Char

Layers · @jessiechar

Creating delightful events from any budget

Jessie’s Interview with Jason Snell

Bryony Gomez-Palacio

Brand New Conference · @bryonygp

Bryony’s Interview with Jason Snell

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the  Rest

Hugh Forrest

SXSW · @Hugh_W_Forrest

Five Big Challenges That Conferences Face For The Future

Hugh’s Interview with Jason Snell

Jane Kwett

Patreon · @janekwett

Jane’s Interview with Jason Snell

Building Strong Communities Through Events

Caitlin Teed

Shopify · @caitlinteed

The Importance of People Power in Events

Caitlin’s Interview with Jason Snell

From the Tito blog

Why Meetups Are Important

Sandra Persing

Mozilla · @sandrapersing

How to Do Developer Conferences Right

Sandra’s Interview with Jason Snell

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